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 What we propose

   Our approach

Independent, module-based, integrated system :

Our system unscrambles or manufactures on the assembly line (manufacturing in masked time, feed and fit synchronisation)

From design through to distribution :

Our machines can integrate shaped wires in a wide variety of production applications. (automotive, household, toys, pens, lighters, keyboards, locks, etc.)

Efficient and reliable :

We have produced custom tailored solutions for very special cases (conical springs, torsion springs, shaped springs, measurements, corrections, treatment, etc.)

Staer systems can be integrated on the assembly line for :

Unscrambling :
Unscrambling springs The Springleader combines the action of a mechanical system and a timed pneumatic propulsion system. The springs are released via a flexible plastic tube to the distribution station with automatic buffer stock management at the unscrambler outlet and the possibility of multiple outlets. The output rate is adapted to the spring configuration.

Manufacturing :
Staer has designed a part manufacturing system integrated on assembly lines and adaptable to the variety of parts to be produced. The springs and metal parts are manufactured on the same assembly line as the product by a small automatic, independent and module-based unit, integrated on the assembly line.  Springs manufacturing and installation on assembly lines by Staer

Accessories :
Staer accessories We have perfected our system by adding accessories such as the distributor. This is designed according to the spring to be fitted.
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