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  Why our customers are satisfied
    Complete engineering from design through to manufacturing :
    Staer researches, designs, manufactures and commercialises its products.
Industry has sought our help for the widest range of needs, providing us with the experience that is able to find solutions for the most specialized cases. With the benefit of our design office, we build machines that are perfectly suited to the customer's need. Working in active partnership, we contribute our total understanding of wire flexibility and wire back calculation and forming techniques.
  Diversity of our production
    From the coiling, torsion or shaped spring through to clips and staples, not forgetting special cases, we automate wire forming for the widest range of production applications: electrical switchgear, automotive components, household appliances, toys, pens, lighters, keyboards, cassettes, locks, etc.
  Our markets
Mainly the European, American and Asian markets.
All industries using an automatic assembly concept integrating springs (automotive, electrical switchgear, electrical household appliances, etc.).

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