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 Organisation and equipment
Operation of the Staer system.
Unscrambling :

The unscrambling tank of the Springleader can hold several thousand springs. Unscramblers are designed according to the type of spring.


Manufacturing :
Automated process by Ideal for "just-in-time" manufacturing, this machine removes the need for stocks and unscramblers. It synchronises manufacturing and spring fitting with the speed of the assembly line, at the same time providing the thermal or mechanical treatment stipulated in the specifications.

Accessories :
The Staer distributor adapts to any unscrambling system directing the springs via a tube to the manual or automated station.  
Automated springs unscrmabling
  Our approach

Staer is a registered trademark with numerous patents for any country.
Our equipment conforms to the standards in effect.

A sustained innovation policy has enabled the company :

• to be ranked among the most innovative French companies in 1992 (L'Usine Nouvelle)

• to obtain the "1994 innovation trophy" awarded by INPI (National Institute for Industrial Protection).

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