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   Our strengths
The machine proposed by Staer is an automatic unit that can be integrated on an assembly line.

Designed and built to requirements, this machine produces on the spot, and in masked time, the spring required for the mechanism being assembled, making unscrambling and several other operations unnecessary.

The field of application of this perirobotic assembly equipment includes all industrial companies using springs or other special wires for their own production.

It is also a solution with many advantages for integrators looking for a tool capable of fast, accurate feeding and distributing of metal wire parts.

 Who are we ?


Automated spring production 
Automated unscrambling and distribution of springs and metal wire parts.
Staer (Société Technique d’Automatisme et d’Ensemble à Ressorts), is a European company which, since 1987, has operated a spring and metal part automation process on assembly lines known as the Staer system.

This system transfers correctly-aligned parts one at a time :

automated unscrambling and distribution of springs
and metal wire parts,
integration of manufacturing on the assembly line,
and packaging and distribution of the springs.

 Our positioning
  This system is operated in all industries using springs.
The Staer system also allows manufacturing and distribution of metal strip parts.

This system is unique and has received many innovation awards.
Since its creation in 1987, Staer has developed spring and metal wire automation processes known for their superior quality, using technologies that are unique.

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